RETO3D 3D Film Camera

This 35mm film camera produces 3D gif images through an app.

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$ 79+

Due to the generational divide between analog and digital photography, you normally don’t hear the words “35mm film” and “3D imaging” in the same sentence. But the RETO3D produces 3D photographs on film. You can develop, scan, and print 35mm negatives and slides just like ordinary film.

The RETO3D 3D Film Camera is equipped with three 30mm f11 lenses that each capture half-frame images from three slightly different angles. Each lens captures half-frame, so you get 24 half-frame shots in a normal 36-exposure roll of film. With some post-processing through an app, you can get a gif image that “wiggles” in 3D. The RETO3D uses a single AA battery and comes in an incredibly lightweight 178g unit with a built-in flash.

Hardcore film snobs might scoff at the half-frame use of film and small-aperture lenses, but hey, it’s a relatively inexpensive and interesting film toy, so no harm done. And even naysayers have to admit that it’s cool that someone is making a new film camera in 2019.