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Qliplet Super Clip

This useful tool will make your life easier, just enough for a breather when you need it most.

The carabiner’s all-round usefulness has made it a popular tool outside of the rock climbing community, even going as far as transforming itself into an over-engineered keychain. Some have attempted to transform the carabiner into more of an everyday object, focusing less on its outdoorsy roots and more on design, but there’s no denying it’s roots and utility.

Inspired by traditional carabiners, but with added everyday functionality for use outside of rock climbing, the Qliplet Super Clip is a useful tool that can adapt to a variety of situations. It’s design takes the best parts of a carabiner, but adds a rotating folding hook that can hang or rest just about anywhere. The Qliplet is made from solid aluminum and can hold up to 50 lbs, while it opens to a hook with a rubber tip for grip that rotates 360 degrees for maximum flexibility. Available in a variety of color combinations, this is a tool that will make your life just a bit easier, enough for you to take a breather when you most need it.