PT’s Sudan Rume Natural

PT’s Sudan Rume Natural Coffee

With a beautiful flavor profile that bursts with red fruits and florals, this rare and low-yielding coffee is one that any connoisseur should try.

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$ 38

If you’re someone who enjoys the natural complexities of coffee, you’re probably on the constant lookout for a new bean that brings new layers of flavor to your drinking experience. If this is the case, you owe it to yourself to discover PT’s Sudan Rume Natural Coffee.

Grown at 5,840 feet above sea level, the Sudan Rume coffee is one of the rarest coffee beans that’s available for purchase (and provides international shipping). The flavor profile consists of aromas of raspberry jam, cardamom, and cherry, with tastes that range from macadamia, redcurrant, and tamarind, before dissolving into a chocolate-covered almond with a cooling finish.

The Sudan Rume is hand-picked and pre-fermented in cherry for eight hours. To ensure the highest quality of freshness, each lot is sampled for quality control before heading out to the dry mill.