Pelican Go Case

Pelican Go Case

Entirely watertight and virtually impossible to crush, this case protects your everyday carry essentials like no other.

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$ 30+

Since establishing itself in the scuba diving industry as a manufacturer of leak-proof cases and flashlights in the mid-1970s, Pelican Products has expanded to become a go-to source of high-performance protective gear, temperature controlled packaging, and advanced portable lighting systems for professional technicians and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

The new Pelican Go Case is entirely watertight and virtually impossible to crush. In addition to its protective rubberized bumpers, this case features a built-in pressure valve that provides an airtight barrier to guard your phone and other essential items such as wallet and key fob. If fact, the IP67-rated Go Case can protect against water even when submerged to a depth of a meter for as long as 30 minutes. Of course, snow, dirt, and dust are no match.

The handy G10 Go Case is ideal for protecting your key everyday-carry essentials, while the larger G40 Go Case can accommodate a larger amount of useful gear.