Peaks Coffee Co. Honduras Los Lesquines Coffee

Dry-Roasted Coffee From A Farm Founded in 1865

Four generations of Honduran farmers have perfected the honey roasting process that gives this blend its distinct flavor.

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$ 18+

Peaks Coffee was founded in 2015 with a mission to make locally-sourced arabica beans from the world over more accessible to drinkers with a distinguished palate. The Peaks Coffee Co. Honduras Los Lesquines Coffee was produced in tandem with a Honduran farm founded 150 years before the caffeine procurer first opened its doors in Syracuse, New York. Though the two partners behind this blend are hundreds of miles away, their commitment to expertly roasted coffee beans brought them together.

Since the Corquín, Copan, Honduras-based farm started cultivating arabica, it has perfected the honey process of roasting beans over four generations. This process keeps the sweet outer layer of each bean intact by removing their skins before dry roasting. This carefully-crafted process gives this blend of coffee the sweet tastes of peach, tropical fruits, and clover honey. The distinct taste of this single-origin roast can be enjoyed in 12. oz orders, with fans who fall in love able to bulk up and place a 5 lb. order when they’re in need of a refill.