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PDW Beast Hoodie

The PDW Beast Hoodie Is A Must For The Great Outdoors

The Beast Hoodie provides breathable, mid-layer warmth.

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$ 198

As part of their Fall/Winter line, PDW has released the Beast Hoodie, which is among the brand’s Made in USA CORE-Line of products. This hoodie is constructed with Polartec® Shearling ThermalPro® Retro Pile, a fabric milled in America. The brand ordered the last of the fleece because the latest version has a tighter surface, making it denser and heavier. This mid-layer is an insulating piece that won’t weigh the wearer down, capturing warm air without the downside of overheating.

The style of this full-zip jacket was inspired by the original fleece jackets worn by mountain climbers in the 1970s and 80s. This was the time period where synthetic fleece really started to make its mark. The PDW Beast Hoodie is available in Beowulf Brown, Fenrir Gray, and Ragnarök Black. The Polartec fleece is 100% recycled polyester and comfortable enough for those who want to explore the unknown.