Parmigiani Toric Capitole Rose Gold Brown

A watch that breaks from horological convention, this exquisite timepiece still draws upon a range of watchmaking traditions.

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In a classic case of being born at the wrong time, antique watch restorer and designer of fine mechanical watches Micheal Parmigiani rose to the top of his profession in the 1970s – an era in which affordable Japanese quartz watches reigned supreme.

Thankfully, that which is old eventually becomes new again. Parmigiani established his own timepiece brand in 1996 and has ridden a wave of popularity as classic Swiss craftsmanship has once again returned to prominence. His latest creation, the Toric Capitole Rose Gold Brown features a range of beautiful complications that draw upon a range of longstanding watchmaking traditions.

The PF321 caliber timekeeping movement of this watch is incredibly complex and unique. The 34mm case of the Toric Capitole contains a rotary system of three planetary gears with four arms, each of which displays numeral that indicates the hour. The watch’s minute track is read on the upper half of the dial in an exquisite semicircular pattern.