Overfinch Velocity Limited Edition

Overfinch Velocity Limited Edition

The Overfinch Velocity Limited Edition’s powerful stance is accentuated by an agile rear spoiler, and front and rear air vents.

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$ 315,000

Intense, assertive and dramatic, the Overfinch Velocity Limited Edition is the ride you want if you’re passionate about making an unmistakable first impression. Its 23-inch Cyclone wheels and carbon fiber-wrapped herringbone-weave exterior set the stage for what’s inside: an Ebony Lumiere interior that’s completely customizable.

The Overfinch Velocity Limited Edition’s stance — which is muscular, confident and powerful — is accentuated by the rear spoiler, and front and rear air vents. The imposing grille and nose leads the way as it glides effortlessly wherever you point it.

Inside, Ebony leather is crafted in rich hexagonal insets that complement the Cirrus stitching seen throughout. Bespoke options include your initials intricately stitched into the headrest, the addition of your family crest and more.

You’ll feel the thrum of Range Rover’s supercharged V8 5.0-liter engine churns out between 525 and 575 horsepower. It’s mated with the Overfinch exhaust system for a powerful performance.