Offhours Homecoat

Offhours Homecoat

We had enough of active wear. Time for some inactive wear.

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$ 295

The self-described master of what it has dubbed “inactive-wear,” the Chinese apparel company Offhours wants to make the time you spend at home as comfortable as possible. If you’ve ever looked at the comforter on you bed and thought, “I just want to wear that,” Offhours has exactly what you need.

The Offhours Homecoat takes the thermal bathrobe into uncharted territory by incorporating the plush coziness of an incredibly thick blanket. Of course, we’ve seen the Snuggie and other “wearable blankets” in the past, but the Homecoat beats all these infomercial products in terms of both comfort and design.

Offhours packs tons of premium cotton warmth between a French terrycloth exterior shell and an incredibly soft T-shirt fabric interior linking. Although it was made for “inactivity,” this finely crafted outfit allows for an easy range of movement that will have you making snacks, playing video games, and generally puttering around the house with style. The Homecoat comes in five different colorways.