Odake BladeX

Odake BladeX Portable Monitor

The touchscreen monitor easily configures to laptops, video game consoles, and even Android-based smartphones via USC-C or HDMI ports.

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$ 209+

Are you someone who needs a second or even a third monitor for work? From video editing to stock trading, having an additional monitor isn’t just a convenience, it’s a must. However, when you travel, having multiple screens isn’t always easy. At least, until now. The Odake BladeX Portable Monitor is designed to give you the portability of a second laptop screen without the bulk or the cost of other configurations.

The Odake BladeX Portable Monitor is a touchscreen monitor that connects to your laptop via its USB-C or HDMI port. It also works with all modern video game systems, if you travel with such devices. The monitor tips the scales at 1.89 pounds and is just 4.5mm thick, plus it even has a built-in battery and speakers, so you can use it as your primary viewing screen when necessary. You can even connect your Android-based phone for a larger mobile phone work environment.