OBSBOT Tail AI Camera

OBSBOT Tail AI Camera

Your own 4K/60fps robot cameraman that tracks moving subjects and never misses a shot.

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$ 469+

Out of all artistic mediums, film and video are probably the hardest to stay on top of. Compared to the writer who can toil away in solitude and the acoustic musician who can entertain an audience by simply grabbing a guitar and launching into a song, filmmakers must strive to coordinate multiple interrelated technical and artistic disciplines.

Thankfully, technology is becoming easier and more accessible to the general public, so normal people like us can enjoy the benefits of professional grade equipment and effects. The OBSBOT Tail AI Camera, for example, allows you to become the actor and director at the same time. Incorporating advanced programming algorithms, hardware, and app, this little camera offers video creators a whole host of new capabilities. Thanks to its ability to track and capture moving subjects, the OBSBOT Tail acts as an impeccable robot cameraman that never misses the shot. As on-screen talent and director, you can also control the camera through a series of preprogrammed and customized hand gestures.

The OBSBOT Tail is equipped with a 1/2.3 inch Sony CMOS sensor, so it won’t give you that dreamy bokeh, but it’ll keep you in focus. And yes, it shoots 4K/60fps.