Oak Pass Main House

Oak Pass Main House by Walker Workshop

Showcasing the panoramic canyon scenery atop a Beverly Hills ridge, the Oak Pass Main House hides its private bedrooms under an herb-covered hill.

Occupying 3.5 acres atop a Beverly Hills ridge with panoramic canyon views, the Oak Pass Main House epitomizes the Walker Workshop’s aesthetic commitment to work that is “warmly minimal.”

The overall approach of Oak Pass Main House architects Noah Walker, Ted Leviss, and Trent Laughton was to showcase the beautiful scenery and the 130-plus protected oak trees on the property and prevent the home from becoming a central visual focus. To these ends, they employed an “upside down” design that placed public spaces above private bedrooms, which they buried into the edible herb-covered hill.

Looking at this carefully integrated structure from outside, you’d never guess that it sprawls out over a full 8,000 square feet and includes amenities such as glass-walled balcony and a 75-foot swimming pool with infinity edges on three of its four sides. Primarily constructed of structural concrete, the home supports long, column-free interior spaces, which resonate nicely with an upper-level floor of limestone and a lower-level floor of walnut.