No.One Delta Buffalo Calf Sneakers

A limited run handmade sneaker that defies mass production and mass consumption.

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No.One is bringing back the art of traditional shoemaking, but they’re doing it in SoCal fashion. By reinventing the modern sneaker with classic cobbling techniques, the Southern California-based footwear brand is creating a pair of kicks that’s truly peerless when it comes to craft, style, and comfort.

Their Delta Buffalo Calf Sneakers take a step away from the mass-production line. Instead, they’re all crafted in-house in No.One’s Venice studio. Six elite shoemakers have a part in each shoe’s creation from the first cut to the finishing stitches. Each Delta is crafted from full-grain, mineral tanned buffalo calf leather, which is then hand-polished for a smooth-as-a-baby’s-butt finish.

UV-printed accents, fluorescent orange hand-stitching, and asymmetrical body panels give these sneaks a contemporary take on timeless sneaker style. Lambskin liner keeps things as luxe as you’d expect from a limited run of handmade sneakers that defy the mass production and mass consumption that’s saturating today’s sneaker market.