Nike MMW Collection

Nike x MMW Collection

Even data-driven functionality needs a human touch.

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See American designer Matthew M. Williams’s vision that combined data with unwavering utility in action. Combining his ideas and Nike’s strive to move sportswear into the future, the Nike x MMW Collection is much more than flashy new sportswear collection begging for your money. In a collection of shirts, pants, and accessories Nike and Williams created garment patterning based on thermoregulation data, the starting point of which was 2017’s Advanced Apparel Exploration (A.A.E.) T-shirt that utilized motion-led knit patterns based on heat zone and motion trajectory data.

However, data alone doesn’t design, and the MMW Collection is where the human touch comes in; there must be storytelling. Long story short, this collection of training shirts, trousers, and accessories takes data-driven functionality to a whole new level with a human touch, such as in tonality and raw-edge details. Discover the collection on July 12.