Nike ISPA React Low

Nike ISPA React Low

An urban sneaker designed for people who commute long distances by foot.

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$ 160

After decades of using the feedback of athletes to refine and improve their shoe designs, Nike has introduced a new collection to meet the specific demands of the built environment. An abbreviation of  “improvise, scavenge, protect, and adapt,” ISPA is more than just a product line; it is a comprehensive Nike program that examines the needs of the people who commute long distances daily by foot.

The first shoe to carry the ISPA name, the Nike ISPA React Low employs structures and materials from a variety of footwear types to produce practical urban sneaker with an intentional “cobbled together” vibe. To drive this handmade and repurposed aesthetic home, it even includes finishing touches such as asymmetrically positioned laces and taped up seams.

For exceptional performance under a wide range of conditions, the Low combines the comfort and support of Nike React cushioning with the waterproof toughness of a deconstructed bootie.