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Ngyuen Grit Coffee

Nguyen Coffee Supply Brings A Bold Blend To Brooklyn

Unapologetically strong, Ngyuen Grit Coffee packs twice the amount of caffeine into each cup.

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Ask anyone where coffee comes from and they’re likely to say Brazil, Ethiopia, or something more generalized like South America — yet few know that Vietnam is actually the world’s second-largest coffee producer. One company that embraces those tools is Ngyuen Coffee Supply, an innovative operation that brings its homeland’s green coffee beans right into Brooklyn, New York. Once it’s stateside, the coffee house roasts, grinds and distributes its import throughout the country.

Ngyuen Grit Coffee is their unapologetically bold blend. It does its name justice by packing twice the caffeine into a Peaberry Robusta coffee varietal for a wake-up call you won’t — and can’t —  hit the snooze button on. The only additions in your morning mug are the ones you add yourself. Ngyuen Grit Coffee is free of fillers, flavors, and additives for uncompromised flavor. Sure, you could pop another plastic pod into your coffeemaker to kick off the day but opting for this Vietnamese export means that annoying 2 pm slump won’t stand a chance.