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Nextbase iQ Dash Cam

Revolutionizing Road Safety With The NextBase iQ Dash Cam

This innovative camera doesn’t just capture images; it collects crucial data, including vehicle speed and multiple camera angles.

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NextBase, a pioneer in automotive technology, has unveiled its latest innovation – the NextBase iQ Dash Cam. This cutting-edge dash camera combines artificial intelligence (AI) and 4G technology to deliver a comprehensive solution for vehicle monitoring, safety, and real-time connectivity.

The NextBase iQ Dash Cam is more than just a typical dash camera; it’s a smart device that constantly monitors your vehicle, providing “more than real-time” crash detection. The iQ goes beyond capturing accidents; it can also detect break-in attempts, driving incidents, and more. Dustin Alred, the Head of North American Operations at NextBase, emphasizes the versatility of the iQ, stating that it allows users to “anticipate, prevent, and defend against incidents both on the road and while parked.”

One significant aspect of the NextBase iQ is its potential impact on insurance claims. While dash cameras are already popular in Europe, where insurance companies offer rewards for using them, the United States lags in recognizing their value. Richard Browning, the Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at NextBase, highlights that “insurance agents and lawyers are looking for data, not just images.” The iQ collects comprehensive data, including vehicle speed, multiple camera angles, and more, which can prove invaluable in court or during negotiations.

The NextBase iQ features a forward-facing in-cabin camera and can record in various resolutions, depending on the camera model. In the event of an incident, it automatically saves the preceding and subsequent 20 minutes of activity, along with crucial data like GPS coordinates and vehicle speed.

Moreover, the iQ can activate Emergency SOS mode if the driver doesn’t respond, alerting emergency services and designated contacts. While parked, it switches to Smart Sense Parking mode, conserving battery by using proximity sensors. When a potential threat is detected, it activates and records, sending alerts to the owner if necessary. AI-powered facial detection enhances its capabilities, allowing it to differentiate between passersby and potential intruders, and cloud storage ensures data security.

Voice activation features provide real-time control, enabling users to mute the microphone or disable the in-cabin camera for privacy. Future updates will introduce Monitoring Mode and GPS boundaries for specific situations, adding to the iQ’s versatility.

The NextBase iQ connects via the T-Mobile network, offering subscription options for enhanced features and cloud storage. The iQ is available in Best Buy stores, online, and through NextBase, with pricing starting at $500.

In November, NextBase will also offer an optional rear-of-vehicle camera add-on for $200, making the iQ even more versatile and comprehensive. With the NextBase iQ Dash Cam, NextBase has redefined vehicle monitoring and safety, setting a new standard for dash cameras in the market.

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