Neematic FR/1

Neematic FR/1 Electric Bike

With a serious motor and a featherlight frame, meet the world's most powerful electric bicycle.

Make no mistake, the electric bicycle business is a serious one, and no more so is one of its newest inductees, Neematic. This company entered the scene last year at Intermot in Germany with its extreme performance electric bike the FR/1.

Boasting a 20 kW peak power brushless motor, the FR/1 is vastly being heralded as the world’s most powerful electric bicycle. To match its enormous capacity, the bike is constructed of a lightweight mi-drive aluminum frame. Though it’s almost as light as a feather, it handles the toughest terrain on an off-road suspension. Imagine an MTB and a dirt bike mating and you’d get the FR/1.

Speed is pushed to the limit within the saddle of this e-bike, riders can reach maximum speeds of 100km/h in a range of 50 to 100km. The FR/1 handles exceptionally well over rough ground, from hill climbs to trail shreds.

Designers engineered the FR/1 with an integrated motor in the frame, this reduces unsprung (and unwanted) mass that typically burdens the rear wheel. This optimal weight distribution and a gargantuan torque allow it to outperform other high-performance e-bikes on the market. An included 2.2 kWh Li-on battery give the FR/1 plenty of running power for the long term. Further premium touches are evident in the bicycle’s components, such as Hope tech3 V4 brakes, Pinion drive, Fox 2017 shocks, and DMR pedals.

Pre-orders are now open for this impressive and powerful piece of kit. Registration can be found at Neematic’s website.