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MR PORTER x Brunello Cucinelli Collection

MR PORTER x Brunello Cucinelli Collection

This collection includes everything from full-grain leather boots to the iconic cable-knit cashmere sweater that Cucinelli built his name on.

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$ 245+

Fine luxury clothing requires an attention to detail you won’t find from most designers. Brunello Cucinelli has looked for ways to offer the finest quality of material with beautiful coloring, all without cutting any corners. During the mid-1980s, Cucinelli found a way to dye cashmere instead of relying on the more muted, neutral shades commonly found in luxury clothing at the time. That innovative approach is part of what lead Brunello Cucinelli to become a widely sought after clothing designer.

To help offer his latest collection, MR PORTER has teamed up with Cucinelli to collaborate on the MR PORTER x Brunello Cucinelli Collection. This menswear line offers everything from leather-trimmed suede baseball caps and t-shirts to full-grain leather boots and many of the cable-knit cashmere sweaters that helped put Cucinelli on the map. So if you’re looking to grow your wardrobe with some of the finest clothes on the planet, this collection has plenty of options.