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Rocket Coffee Table

Mousarris Rocket Coffee Table

Childhood nostalgia fuels this Rocket Coffee Table.

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Remember your childhood, when your imagination was able to run wild with just a toy or an action figure, populating incredible imaginary worlds? We fondly remember and reminisce about our childhood as well, as nostalgia seems to play a large part of how we act as an adult now.

Seems like designer by Stelios Mousarris, the creator of the mind-bending Wave City Coffee Table, shares our sentiment. The Rocket Coffee Table is a reflection of the designer’s fondness for toys and collectibles, which we can definitely relate to. It gives you the opportunity to add a bit of childhood fun to your furniture collection. The playful design brings cartoon-like clouds and rockets to the base of the table. It also retains some of its jovial charm by giving each owner the freedom to form their own structure of the table, as the rockets are not attached to the glass. Whether you haven’t been able to let go of your childhood like us or not, it’s a great piece of furniture that will be a pleasant reminder of your childhood innocence.