Motor Synth

Using digitally controlled motors as oscillators, this unique electro-mechanical synthesizer presents a new and exciting way to make music.

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$ 899

If you’re a musician in search of warmly pleasing yet charmingly futuristic musical tones, you probably already know about the world of vintage electromechanical circuit synthesizers. (If not, you have some research and listening to do!) If you’re interested in a synth of this nature in your musical toolkit, Gamechanger Audio is bringing the electromechanical synth into the modern era in an extremely accessible way with its new Motor Synth.

Billed as the “first electro-mechanical commercial desktop synthesizer,” this device is remarkably portable at 11.4 x 8.3 x 2.96 inches. Employing the latest in audio processing technology, it combines analog sound-producing electromotors with digital control mechanisms. It uses magnetic pickups to convert the electric motors’ rpm to specific musical notes, resulting in a truly new and exciting way to make music.

The otherworldly harmonics and overtones of this device can add richness to any musical composition or soundscape. The Motor Synth is exceptionally easy to use, with controls that will be familiar to seasoned synth heads and highly intuitive to newcomers.