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MOSCOT Spring 2020 collection

Moscot Releases Its Sleek Spring 2020 Collection

The Collection offers different models of sunglasses and eyeglasses to rejuvenate your look for the coming season.

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$ 280+

Sunny days are ahead. The MOSCOT Spring 2020 Collection provides plenty of options to rejuvenate your look. Each model of handcrafted Italian acetate frames features different shapes and patterns. The latest MOSCOT collection includes eyeglasses and sunglasses that each feature a comfortable keyhole nose bridge, 7-barrel hinge, engraved temple, and other elements that make each pair of unisex glasses stylish and built to last.

The Momza, Kavell, Korva-TT, Sheitel, Miltzen, and Arbita frames in the collection are available as either sunglasses or to fit regular lenses. Meanwhile, the Nachus, Lemtosh, and Nebb frames stand alone exclusively as eyeglasses. With options from everything from square, round, and wire frames, the MOSCOT Spring 2020 Collection offers options tailor-made to complement your unique style.