Mokumono Delta Commuter Bike

With high-performance, low-maintenance, and anti-theft features, the Mokumono Delta Commuter Bike is a commuter’s dream.

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Built on a strong and lightweight frame with floating rear stays and carbon fiber front fork that allows for a smooth ride, the award-winning Mokumono Delta Commuter Bike is a commuter’s dream.

This low-maintenance commuter bike features high-performance Shimano 105 grade hydraulic flat mount disk brakes, the grease-free Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive System that is quieter and more durable than the traditional bike chain, hidden cables routed within the frame to be less susceptible to environmental damage, and a patented anti-theft gravity mechanism. The silent-shifting Shimano Alfine hub comes in 8-speed or 11-speed, with a gear ratio of 307% and 409% respectively and require no maintenance. The Mokumono Delta Commuter Bike comes in three sizes to fit your body.