Minnetonka Pile Lined Softsole

Relax in warmth with these soft slip-ons from the classic Americana brand.

As the chilly, snowy winter months draw nearer we’re all looking for a reason to relax in warmth and comfort. With visions of roasting chestnuts and a warm snifter of whiskey by the fire, there is nothing better than we’d rather have on our feet that a pair of Minnetonka’s Pile Lined Softsoles.

The brand, which began churning out wearable moccasins in the mid-1940s, is synonymous with an effortless and rustic aesthetic reflected in their characteristic boots, slippers, and moccasins. With a heritage built on America’s pioneering frontiers, the company still operates as an independent family-run business that is focused on preserving the craftsmanship and manufacturing of a bygone era.

Made in the same sustainable practices that Minnetonka operates on, the Pile Lined Softsoles are crafted out of high-quality, handcrafted, soft suede leather in Minnetonka’s signature moccasin style. The cozy slip-ons are designed to keep your feet warm and toasty throughout the winter frost. With the addition of a plush pile lining they’re super comfortable for knocking around the house on a lazy Sunday morning or lounging with a book.

The slip-ons soft leather sole is squishy and fluffy to accommodate relaxed indoor use. Each pair is still made by hand in Minnetonka’s classic style. If winter is truly coming than we can’t help but welcome it with these piled lined softsole moccasins. We can only hope we’ll find a pair in our Christmas stocking.