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Microsoft Surface Duo

The Microsoft Surface Duo Perfectly Balances Productivity And Mobility

The 8.1-inch display of Microsoft Surface Duo frames vivid 4K video and high resolution images captured by its AI-optimized adaptive camera.

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$ 1400+

Measuring less than half of an inch thin, it seems impossible to even suggest that the Microsoft Surface Duo can provide a dual-screen experience that enhances your workflow on the go. Yet, the latest release of the Surface does just that. Its dual-screen design enhances the use of a range of Microsoft and Android apps. The dual-screen functionality also enables multiple modes of use; from being docked on a wireless keyboard to supporting itself as a tent to kick back and enjoy streaming from. A revolutionary 360° Hinge uses 56 microcables so apps can be seamlessly intertwined between the two high-resolution AMOLED Corning Gorilla Glass 5.6-inch touchscreens.

The 8.1-inch display of the dual-screen face offers high resolution that frames everything from vivid 4K video to whatever its AI-optimized adaptive camera can capture. A USB-C power supply makes it easy to charge the Microsoft Surface Duo for up to 10 days of battery life on stand-by. The USB port also connects to an HDMI adapter to pair the tablet with a TV or monitor. That powerful performance is made possible by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform that is configured to get the most out of the Duo’s dual-screen experience.