Microsoft HoloLens 2

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Microsoft introduces its latest Mixed Reality headset with numerous updates to technology and ergonomics.

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$ 3,500

When it comes to delivering the combination of virtual/augmented reality and immersive technology known as mixed reality (MR), no commercially available headset has outpaced the Microsoft HoloLens…until now.

Microsoft introduced the world to the HoloLens 2 at a February 24th press event in advance of MWC Barcelona. Far sleeker and more comfortable than its predecessor, this ergonomically optimized MR headset can be easily worn and used for hours. In fact, Microsoft bills the HoloLens 2 as “three times more comfortable” than the HoloLens 1.

According to Microsoft, the HoloLens 2 is also “twice as immersive,” with a visual display system that produces exceptionally vibrant and realistic holograms with doubled field of view, incredible depth, and a density of 47 pixels per degree of sight. Other improved features of the HoloLens 2 include a new time-of-flight depth sensor and state-of-the-art eye and hand tracking technology.