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Meater Wireless Thermometer

The world's first wireless meat thermometer sends notifications to your phone to achieve the most succulent cut every time.

A good steak is a nirvana all its own, and if you haven’t yet mastered it, the Meater Wireless Thermometer will help you achieve that ever-elusive perfect strip, sirloin, T-bone, or filet.

The world’s first wireless smart meat thermometer, the Meater connects to your phone to send notifications as meat cooks, so you don’t need to keep poking and check up on your meat instead of enjoying the party. It works on anything from a steak to an entire roast chicken, letting you know what you should be doing each step of the way to achieve the most succulent cut.

If you wanted to impress with your new grill but aren’t sure exactly how you’ll fare, the Meater Wireless Thermometer takes away the pressure. With convenience that is second to none, the Meater delivers consistent results every time. And when you’re done, just store it in the wooden charger that would look good in any kitchen.