MAMMUT Photics HS Thermo Jacket

This Award-Winning Jacket Has Laser Fused Seams

MAMMUT won the 2019 ISPO Award for this jacket’s innovative design and ethically sourced Fair Trade certified materials.

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$ 899

Ditch the cold for good and stay dry with the MAMMUT Photics HS Thermo Jacket. Unforgiving winter weather goes to show any jacket is only as good as the weakest link. Chances are that you’ve suffered cold moisture seeping through stitching before. With the impervious laser-welded construction of the Photic HS Thermo Hooded Jacket, that is a thing of the past. Instead of relying on conventional stitching this jacket uses patented Laser Fuse Technology to connect 2 water-resistant textiles. This creates a hermetic seal with no spacing between stitches. Those laser-welded seams mean you’ll always stay dry, even on a gross winter day where sleet constantly sticks to your coat.

The jacket features MAMMUT DRYtechnology to entirely block out moisture, is down-filled, contains 2 side pockets, and has adjustable cuffs for a tailor-made fit. The MAMMUT Photics HS Thermo-Jacket received recognition for its craftsmanship by winning the 2019 ISPO Award. This distinction was bestowed upon MAMMUT to recognize both the innovative design behind the jacket as well as its ethical production using Fair Trade certified materials.