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Moda Operandi Maison Margiela Bounce Bubble-Heel Loafers

Maison Margiela Bounce Bubble-Heel Loafers

The Italian made loafers combine the best of goal worlds from a sneaker and a loafer for a level of comfort that doesn’t sacrifice style.

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$ 840

One of the biggest problems with modern loafers is the support – or lack thereof – that they provide your heel and arch. Many fashion-forward shoes offer plenty of aesthetic appeal but fall short in this regard, which is why people often turn to sneakers when lounging about or when they don’t need to dress up. The Maison Margiela Bounce Bubble-Heel Loafers available for preorder from Moda Operandi. With these loafers, the traditional rubber and leather sole is swapped out for something that is more at home on a pair of basketball shoes than dress shoes — bubbles. A pocket of air is encased at the heel of each loafer, offering support that puts a spring in your step.

Each pair of loafers is made in Italy out of sumptuous leather in a traditional slip-on style. They give you the comfort of sneakers with the style of Italian leather loafers by bringing together the best of both worlds.