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Luminox P-38

Luminox P-38 Lightning GMT

Inspired by the legendary twin-boomed P-38, tested by special forces, the Luminox P-38 Lightning GMT is a watch that’s ready to be used and abused.

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Aviation and time pieces go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. It’s a tradition that gets lost to many of us living in an age where our reliance on smartphones have overtaken the usefulness of a traditional watch, but the romance, nostalgia, not to mention the dependability and style of having a quality timepiece on your wrist still lives on to this day. Inspired by the legendary twin-boomed P-38, also known as the “fork-tailed devil,” the Luminox P-38 Lightning GMT draws inspiration and pays homage to this industrial pre-war design.

Made to be used and abused, as tested by special forces, law enforcement officers, and fire fighters around the world, the Luminox P-38 Lightning GMT has a 44mm stainless steel case, sapphire glass, and leather strap that keeps the watch looking classy while providing plenty of aviation-inspired details. The swiss quarts movement is visible at all times, thanks to the always-on lume that lasts unaided up to 25 years provided by the tritium tubes. Water resistant up to 200m, while featuring a secondary hand that can be set to a second time zone complete this watch that has quality design and craftsmanship with heritage that won’t break the bank.