Love Hulten Yesterday Vision

This old-school emulator looks like a mid-century television, but with a whole world of both retro and modern gaming options inside.

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$ 2,799

Thanks to a generation buzzing with nostalgia for the 80’s and 90’s, the future of gaming has a lot in common with its past. Gamers are still hungry for classic consoles like Atari and Nintendo 64, but they gobble up the latest releases too, and the answer to all their prayers might not be a console at all. Enclosed in mahogany with pencil legs to match, the Love Hulten Yesterday Vision looks exactly like a mid-century television, complete with a barrel-distorted front panel that gives the monitor the illusion of that old-school curvature. However, instead of a pair of antennas on top, there’s a whole world of gaming options inside.

The Yesterday Vision is a lot more than just a monitor with a retro look. Equipped with a Rapsberry Pi computer, full-range speakers, and a variety of input ports, it’s an old-school emulator that’s also compatible with modern laptops and gaming consoles. Play your favorite NES, Sega Genesis, Atari 2600, or Sony Playstation games, or plug in the newest Xbox or Wii for a more modern gaming experience. This hardwood beauty works as a TV too, and you can even customize yours to fit the screen size you want.