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Looftlighter X

Get Your Grill Going In Less Than 60 Seconds With The Looftlighter X

Things have come a long way since the days of Prometheus, the Looftlighter X is a simple and safe way to ignite your grill.

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$ 299

Put away the patches and set down that bottle of lighter fluid. Things have come a long way since the days of Prometheus and there is a better way to ignite your grill. Sometimes the struggle to light a grill is all too real. We’ve all been there. The Looftlighter X makes it safer and easier than ever before to get your cookout going. Fortunately, that embarrassing faux-pas will be a thing of the past.

This cordless lighter takes the form of a wand that can instantly add a superheated blast of heat up to 1,100 degrees. With the Looftlighter X, you’ll cleanly light a fire and have the grill going in 60 seconds or less. You can finally put away all the bottles of fluid and the cheaply built lighters that never seem to work.

The device is chargeable and can light up to 10 fires on a single charge. It will work with charcoal, as well as wood logs, pellets, briquettes, and is safe to use both indoors and out.