Lightyear One

Lightyear One

Who says electric cars can’t travel long distances?

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The first electric car designed for long voyages, Lightyear’s new prototype introduces a unique solution to the problem of finding adequate charging infrastructure on the open road. 

Although it has a relatively small battery, the Lightyear One promises a virtually unlimited supply of electricity because it carries its own solar power generator on its back. Both the hood and the roof of the One are equipped with solar cells, resulting in a total area of five square feet that collects sunlight for constant charging on the go. These solar cells are protected by a sheet of safety glass that is durable enough to support the weight of an adult man.

The result is a car that can travel a distance of 725 kilometers, according to independent testing using the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure. And under particularly bright summer conditions, the Lightyear One can drive even further.