Leica M10-D Camera

Having no screen isn't enough. How about a non-functioning film lever on a digital camera?

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We just talked lengthily about digital cameras with no screens (and coincidentally in the same mount), but the Leica M10-D takes it one step further. Maybe a bit too far for some: it has a film advance lever. What? Yep, it’s a non-functioning film advance lever that doesn’t even recock the shutter. (But it’s a pretty useful thumb rest, which many digital Leica users have anyway.)

Everything else about this camera is essentially the M10-P. If you want to check your photos or have live view, you can go into the Leica FOTOS App on your smartphone. But why would you? You’re using a completely manual Leica M.

This is not a camera for everyone. You have to love film, but you have to love digital even more, and you have to be filthy rich. If you’re missing any one of these traits, you’re probably better off with another camera. Because, if you want a film camera, why not just get a film camera? And if you want a digital camera, you can get outstanding, class-leading cameras at a quarter of the price and with features you can count till the cows come home.

But there’s no changing the fact that the M10-D is an analog camera that does its job simply, purely, and without distraction. Because sometimes you just need to scale back, cut the noise, and get to the root of what you love most.