Leatherman Free

Leatherman Free Multi-tool Collection

Leatherman launches a new collection of pocket tools, entirely redesigned for minimum friction and maximum accessibility.

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$ 40+

We’ve brought countless EDC tools to your attention over the years, but few have amassed even a fraction of the cachet of the venerable Leatherman. Now, building on 35 years of pocket tool-building experience, Leatherman is launching an entirely new collection under the brand name Leatherman Free.

Each EDC tool in the Free line has been completely redesigned to feel better in your hand and allow for ergonomic, one-handed access. Thanks to its new and improved magnetic architecture, Free tools open and close with minimum friction and maximum accessibility (no more strained fingernails!) and supreme durability (reduced friction means far less wear and tear). And because they always position your tool of choice on the outside of the case, the Free Collection operates incredibly naturally, allowing you to pay more attention to the task at hand. The first release in the Free Collection drops next month.