‘Land Rover Experience Tour’ by Dag Rogge & Roland Löwisch

Celebrate the spirit of adventure unique to Land Rover with this breathtaking collection of photographs.

For more than 70 years, Land Rover has been at the forefront of outdoor exploration, cross-border journeys, and broadening horizons. This champion of adventure has truly found a home in the pages of the Land Rover Experience Tour by Dag Rogge and Roland Löwisch as they celebrate the spirit of adventure unique to Land Rover. The illustrated book is designed to inspire anyone with a sense of adventure through the study of Land Rover’s off-road models out in action.

With breathtaking photography from Scotland, Namibia, Guatemala, Argentina, and all corners of the globe, Rogge and Löwisch paint a beautiful portrait of the much-celebrated vehicles. Serving as the next edition companion to the previous Land Rover Experience Tour books, this version takes the reader on a journey through lush wilderness, diverse landscapes, and varied cultures. On this 12th edition, it tells the story of the off-road adventure traveled through Peru and its awe-inspiring scenery. High definition photography and behind-the-scenes stories from Australia, Bolivia, Iceland, Jordan, Malaysia, and the Silk Road also provide an intoxicating concoction of automobile appreciation and travel.

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