Lance 2.0 Luxury Smart Glasses

Unbreakable “smart” glasses with nanotechnology-developed lenses that automatically darken outdoors.

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$ 79+

Incredibly lightweight and equipped with nanotechnology-developed lenses, the Lance 2.0 Luxury Smart Glasses might be the only pair that you ever wear. By “smart,” Lance doesn’t mean voice-assisted or activity-tracking. In fact, Lance’s approach to high tech differs quite dramatically from the likes of Google Glass.

These frames are smart in the sense that they’re resilient yet adaptive. Lance’s Fade Lenses automatically darken by 70% when outdoors to become your sunglasses (or, of course, you can choose the regular Sharp Lens option). The frames are from a space-age alloy originally developed by NASA and are virtually unbreakable; this alloy features memory shape properties that allow it to bend this way and that while always returning to its original form.

Other features of the Lance 2.0 Luxury Smart Glasses include titanium hinges, an incredibly comfortable nose pad, and undeniable style — all this at a very affordable price.