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Koenigsegg Regera KNC

Koenigsegg takes carbon fiber exteriors to a whole new level with the “Koenigsegg Naked Carbon."

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Stronger than both steel and aluminum yet significantly lighter and resistant to corrosion, carbon fiber has played a growing role in luxury automotive manufacturing over the past decade. But the Swedish high-performance sport car company Koenigsegg took its customers’ love for carbon fiber exteriors to a whole new level with the Koenigsegg Regera KNC.

An acronym for “Koenigsegg Naked Carbon,” the KNC features the very first carbon fiber frame that contains absolutely no paint, lacquer, or varnish finish. Instead, Koenigsegg carefully polishes away the thin layer of epoxy that is typically found on the carbon fiber surface to reveal a beautifully clean exterior with a dull metallic sheen. This polishing process requires extreme precision, as a single misplaced stroke can ruin the exposed structure of interwoven graphite fibers.

Of course, the luxury car beneath this naked finish has everything that you have come to expect from a Koenigsegg hypercar, including a 5.3-liter V8 engine with a Dynamic Fuel Management system.