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Klokers Klok-01 Minimal

The Klokers Klok-01 Minimal Watch Is A True Statement Piece

Inspired by the classic cameras from a time when black and white was the last word in elegance and style.

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Shutterbugs in particular will appreciate the new Klokers Klok-01 Minimal timepiece, which takes its aesthetic inspiration from the typography of old-school film cameras. This not only makes for a unique watch face, offered either in deep black or milky white, but also a highly legible one. Resembling a camera’s exposure-setting thumbwheels, the dial’s three discs indicate the time by vertically aligning the hour, minute, and seconds numerals at the 12 o’clock position.

The Swiss-made Klokers Klok-01 Minimal watch, with its stainless-steel, 44mm case, comes secured by a NATO (textile) strap (for either the black- or white-dial models), a Milanese (mesh) option for the black-dial model, or an Alcantara (raised beige) strap for the white-dial model. The whole package has a clean, stylish, gadgety sort of look worthy of its very own black-and-white photo shoot.