Klever X Series E-Bikes

Klever has created these stylishly minimalist e-bikes that come in four different flavors to fit your needs.

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Being stuck in traffic is an unavoidable part of life in the city. With more and more people flooding into city centers every morning, you’re bound to be stuck in your car for what feels like an eternity, unless you take some form of public transportation, in which case you’re jammed into a metal box with strangers. Aren’t you sick and tired of looking into the car or person next to you, irritated as much as you are, just hoping for a sweet release from this rat race? Enter the Klever X Series E-Bikes, a series of stylishly minimalist electric bikes that will let you zip through the city street, or anywhere you want to go for that matter.

There are four different flavors available with the X Series, depending on your preference. From the X COMMUTER, a commuter bike for a new generation of e-bikers that will electrically propel you all the way to the office, to the X SPEED that lets you ride past cars stuck in traffic at up to 28 mph thanks to the powerful yet super-quiet BIACTRON 600 watt motor, you’re spoiled for choices when it comes to choosing the right X Series e-bike for you. You could even choose something more minimalist like the X RAW, a stylish single-speed bike with the powerful yet super-quiet BIACTRON motor, or for those that always want to best and nothing but the best, the X Limited Edition that gives you everything as well as the icing on the cake. With so many choices for your e-bike, the most difficult thing may be choosing which will fit your lifestyle the best.