Kitty Hawk Flyer

No matter where life takes you, this lightweight single-person flyer can take you higher.

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“I wanna fly like an eagle, to the sea. Fly like an eagle. Let my spirit carry me” … in the Kitty Hawk Flyer. This new lightweight single-person flyer is an amateur pilot’s dream. In fact, the Kitty Hawk Flyer operates under the FAA CFR Part 103 — Ultralight U.S. regulations, which means that a pilot certification isn’t needed for recreational flights.

Operating on lithium batteries, the flyer’s all electric motors will thrust you from the ground at a speed of 20 mph and a maximum altitude of 10 feet. Two simple controls and an autostability feature will have you dipping, diving, and coasting with precision. Skim above the ocean waves. Soar over wildflowers in a hidden valley. Cruise around a ranch. The possibilities are endless, and the exhilaration is priceless. No matter where life takes you, the Kitty Hawk Flyer can take you higher with the gift of flight.