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Kith Develops A Vintage Tee Program Specifically For Their Looney Tunes Release

Kith’s in-house wash process gives each of these Looney Tunes-inspired t-shirts a vintage look and feel, as if they had been worn for years.

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There’s nothing like the thrill of finding a vintage t-shirt that is still in pristine condition. Whether you find it at a yard, sale, secondhand store, or inherit it as a hand-me-down, the distressed fabric and its lived-in feel provides a level of unrivaled comfort. Couple that with the nostalgia of its design and you’ve got a t-shirt that gives you a signature look. The Kith x Looney Tunes Vintage Tee Program adds that to your wardrobe’s repertoire.

The Kith logo is incorporated into each custom graphic to put a new spin on everything from classic Looney Tunes title cards to the original Space Jam promo. Those designs grace GSM cotton t-shirts that are processed to look and feel as if they have stood the test of time. Each t-shirt is pigment-dyed before undergoing Kith’s proprietary wash process to soften the fabric while giving it a vintage style  and aged look to the graphics. The end result is a collection of t-shirts that feel like they’ve been broken in before you even put them on.