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Kimos Self-Heating Thermos

The Kimos Self-Heating Thermos Claims To Be The World’s First Self-Heating Thermos

Kimos holds 12 ounces of liquid with a boil time that takes 3 minutes with 4-hour heat retention after each boil.

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Powered by a high-energy battery with enough power to boil two cups of water in three minutes, Kimos is a slim, attractive device that looks like a high-end single-serving coffee mug, and its sleek design fits in a standard cup holder. Its battery life is also excellent, with enough stored power to boil up to five times before recharging.

Battery-powered, self-heating thermoses that don’t just have enough power output to keep a drink warm, but to boil water, is a new niche in outdoor gear. More people going outdoors now know about the dangers of small fires growing. More people also know that any surface water source needs to be purified. That’s where portable water boilers excel: In three minutes, you have hot water for tea or pour-over coffee with no fire risk.

Kimos promises battery-powered boiling of 2 cups of water (443 ml) in just three minutes, beating its nearest competitor by two minutes and other devices on the market by over five. It does this with a 43.2V 3000 mAh battery.

A battery kettle like this isn’t as good if it can’t keep your water warm, and here, too, Kimos excels, promising enough insulation to keep hot water hot for up to 4 hours. Its sleek blue surface and orange buttons are instantly iconic. The designers have raised over $150,000 on Indiegogo and $135,000 on Kickstarter, with the first shipment scheduled for delivery in October 2023.

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