KFC x Crocs Clogs Limited Edition

KFC x Crocs Collab: Has April Fools’ Day Come Early?

This pair of Crocs returns honors the kitchen workers whose needs inspired the ergonomic design of the clogs.

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Crocs were originally made to be worn in busy kitchen restaurants to provide an ergonomic shoe that could help workers stay on their feet for hours at a time. Their latest design returns the shoes from whence they came with a pair designed after a fast food icon. The KFC x Crocs Clogs Limited Edition were made with the Colonel in mind, resulting in a head-turning pair of Crocs few people will miss. Designed to look like you’re walking around in boxes of Kentucky Fried Chicken, there really isn’t anything else out there that’s close to this look.

The Crocs use the familiar design with the rubber strap that fits around the rear of your ankle. However, these clogs are lifted, giving you some extra height while the sole emulates the cultural icon of a red and white KFC bucket that features the familiar logo of Colonel Sanders. Add in the small strips of fried chicken charms that stick out the front of the Crocs and you have a pair of Crocs that’s finger-licking good.