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Junghans Max Bill Mega

The iconic Max Bill watch, now featuring a radio-controlled movement that synchronizes automatically with the atomic time.

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Designed by Max Bill and unchanged since 1961, the Junghans Max Bill watch has been an icon especially to lovers of art and design. In fact, the Junghans Max Bill is arguably one of the few watches whose quartz versions are just as respected as their mechanical counterparts, others being Grand Seiko and Cartier. Nothing you love about the minimalist Bauhaus design has changed much, as the watch keeps its handsome 38mm case size, coated domed acrylic crystal, and the iconic Max Bill typography. Only the thickness varies, at 9mm (the original quartz version is 8mm, and the automatic version is 10mm).

However, this time it’s not just quartz; Junghans is putting its radio-controlled movement in the Max Bill Mega so that it synchronizes automatically with the atomic time wherever you are, making it a perfect travel watch. Its date function is accurate to the year 2400. Of course, if you’re somewhere outside the radio-transmitting range, you can also set time the traditional way or through an app.