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Itero Pocket Watch + Stand

This pocket watch updated for the modern age looks good in your hands or on your desk with a stand.

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Although a practical tool designed to tell time, a well crafted timepiece carries more significance for men. It’s the one item that can define a man, representing his personality and taste more than anything else in his possession. Wrist watches have become the norm these days, being favored over classic pocket watches, but Itero has updated the pocket watch befitting of the modern age.

What can seem a bit old school, Itero Pocket Watches are thoroughly modern in their design approach. Available in a variety of colors with a case made from PVD plated 316L stainless steel, the 44mm case is 8mm thick feels reassuring in your hands without feeling overly large. What’s more, when paired with their watch stand, made from a solid piece of walnut, it becomes a piece you can use on the go as well as something you can display on your desk.