Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Yellow Sapphire

The Big Bang, But On Your Wrist

Hublot’s latest creation is the first scratch-resistant yellow sapphire watch. Thanks to this material, its 42mm case weighs just 107 grams.

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$ 106,000

Capturing the essence of creation is no easy task. Yet, in assembling dozens of micro-components into a painstakingly crafted timepiece, Hublot managed to do just that. The Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Yellow Sapphire fuses copper and aluminum oxide along with the world’s hardest sapphire like ethereal strains of matter uniting in the burgeoning cosmos. The result is a 42mm case equipped with a transparent yellow lined strap and black-plated titanium buckle that weighs just 107 grams. A Zenith El Primero chronograph has been reconfigured to serve as the movement behind a long-enduring 50-hour power reserve.

Hublot’s latest creation is the first-ever scratch-resistant yellow sapphire watch to come to market.  Its polished yellow sapphire crystal bezel is affixed to the 42mm case by 6 H-shaped black-plated titanium screws. An anti-reflective treatment finishes its sapphire crystal to give a window into a skeletal dial that boldly showcases the intricacies of this watch’s inner machinations. This astrally-inspired expression is limited to just 100 pieces.