Hublot Classic Fusion Cruz Diez

The Limited Edition Hublot Classic Fusion Cruz-Diez Is A Work Of Art

Each limited edition piece comes in either a 38mm or 45mm case that is made out of titanium, King Gold, or black ceramic.

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$ 9,460+

For many artists, being recognized for their brilliance doesn’t come around in their lifetime. Often times, an appreciation for their work only comes posthumously. If anything, that melancholia reveals that, at the very least, their memories live on through their work. The Hublot Classic Fusion Cruz-Diez captures the brilliance of the late Carlos Cruz-Diez in this way by using a two-level dial as a canvas for a Pantone design that epitomizes the style of the late Franco-Venezualan artist. The limited-edition piece comes in a 38mm or 45mm case made out of either titanium, King Gold, or black ceramic.

The combination of different materials used to construct the case makes each piece of this limited edition release of just 300 unique. The rotation of the parallel discs comprising the two-level dial playfully accentuates the iridescence of its color scheme in an ode to Cruz-Diez. Keeping those colors constantly shifting makes the watch a living, moving work of art, that imaginatively embodies the artist’s words that “Color is light, time and space. Color is not in the past, it is a continuous present.”