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Hookie Co. Black Mamba Honda CB550

Slender, powerful, fast. Like its namesake snake, the Black Mamba Honda CB550 from Hookie Co. leaves a lasting impression.

Though it appears slender, it’s surprisingly powerful. In fact, it’s fast moving. It’s also long, the longest of its kind. And if you come into its cross hairs, the end result can be fatal.

We’re talking about the black mamba snake, Africa’s longest species of venomous snakes. And many of the characteristics of the black mamba are shared in a custom CB550 bike from Hookie Co. For instance, though it appears sleek and slender, it’s quite powerful with a rebuilt motor and spark performance exhaust. While it might not be the longest of its kind, its 19 x 3.25 and 18 x 4 Bridgestone Battlax tires leave a lasting, dominating impression. We’re not sure about a fatal bite, but we can attest that this 1973 Hookie Co. Black Mamba Honda CB550 looks built to kill – similar to its namesake.

Other notable specs include a rear-frame loop, custom bodywork, dropped front suspension with custom lowering spacers, a rebuilt drum rear brake and front disc brake, leather seat, glossy overall appearance and open design to show off the intricacies of the key cog that powers it – the custom engine.

You might not find the Hookie Co. Black Mamba Honda CB550 in sub-Sahara Africa as you would the snake, but we’re betting that this ride will leave a lasting impression whether it bites you or not.