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Hillsound Equipment Flexsteps Crampons

Just In Time For Winter, The Hillsound Equipment Flexsteps Crampons

The Flexsteps come with a carry bag so you can keep them ready in your bag, backpack, or car and slip them on as needed.

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$ 55

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Hillsound Equipment offers a range of highly engineered traction devices for a variety of activities, from winter hiking to ice fishing. Hillsound’s Flexsteps Crampons are designed for people looking for reliable traction that will perform equally well on icy city sidewalks as they do on slippery hiking trails. The Flexsteps’s sleek design and its 18, low profile, high impact, stainless steel spikes, and flexible spike plates are comfortable to wear and have durable, riveted attachment points for long-lasting performance.

The Flexsteps Crampons are not only appealing from a style perspective, but they also accommodate a variety of footwear including casual shoes, trail runners, hiking shoes, hiking boots, and insulated boots. So, as you step out this winter whether hiking, jogging in the local park, or taking your dog for a walk, you can be confident in safely navigating any weather-related hazards you may encounter.